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Why wholesale mink lashes in advance?

Recently wholesale mink lashes customers suddenly more, some just start eyelash business will be more curious. Why do wholesalers wholesale after inventory has not been sold completely? Many eyelash wholesalers choose suppliers in China. The eyelashes supplied by China are very good.

The holiday is coming

Every country has its own New year, and China is no exception. On 2.11, we will have Spring Festival, so there will be holidays. At present, the workers in our factory have been on holiday. not only us, the factory of other supplier has been shut down. This means that eyelashes or eyelash boxes can not be produced now. But we have our own inventory, there are a lot of products in stock, so don’t worry about the products you want. Although the factory is closed, our shipment is normal during the Spring Festival. So if you want to place an order, feel free to place an order. But if you want to customize eyelashes or eyelash boxes, they can’t be finished during the holiday. However, you can place an order or deposit first, so that your order will give priority to production after the factory starts.

wholesale mink  lashes

Wholesale in advance

now, our stock is very sufficient, so you can wholesale mink hair lashes in advance to fill your stock. By the end of the holiday, we are not sure how much more inventory will be. Maybe hot eyelashes or eyelash boxes will be sold out. So it is recommended that wholesalers do it early and wholesale the eyelashes or eyelash boxes you need in advance to prevent them from being sold when stock is insufficient.
Proluxurylashes have very much stock, it is specially prepared for new year holiday, other suppliers will not have. Many eyelash suppliers will stop wholesale after the holiday, which greatly affects the customer’s business. Proluxurylashes can provide you with what you want during the New year.

wholesale mink  lashes

If you’re going to wholesale mink eyelashes, come to me. The opportunity is his own grasp, the hand must be quick. Come and contact me.

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