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Wearing lashes, you need choose good lashes tweezer

When you have a pair of eyelashes and want to wear them, you find that you don’t have the right tools to wear them. At this time the effect of eyelash tweezers is reflected, I’m going to tell knowledge about tweezers.Do you want to choose good lashes tweezer?

Daily wear requirements:Straight tweezers

The tweezers are long and narrow, with a tapered tip at the end. You can use lashes when you want to take them out of the eyelash box. You can use the tip of the lash to clip the side of the eyelash stem and gently pick it up. This will ensure that you don’t use your hands to damage your lashes, ruining their durability. Many customers may think this kind of tweezers is dispensable, but in fact, it is not. Using this kind of tweezers can protect eyelashes to the maximum extent and keep eyelashes in their original shape for as long as possible, so as to ensure the effect of wearing eyelashes.

choose good lashes tweezer

Required for professional wear: Curving eyelash tweezers

Curved eyelash tweezers can be divided into J – type tweezers and L – type tweezers. They were named J-shaped and L-shaped forceps because of the curvature of the tip. The L-shaped tweezers have a 120-90 degree curl at the top, much like an “L”. The J-shaped tweezers are more curved at 150-120 degrees, much like a J, They suit different curving lashes and different eye shapes. But the effect is the same.

Once you’ve got your lashes out, you’ll need to use these curving eyelash tweezers to grip the base of your lashes, then apply the eyelash glue to the eyelash holders and, once the glue has worked, use it to attach your lashes to your eyes. You’ll find that the curl of these tweezers perfectly matches the curl of your eyes, making your eyelashes clean and efficient.

When picking out eyelash tweezers, here’s a word to remember: You get what you pay for. Don’t go cheap and buy a pair of poor quality eyelash tweezers. When you use them, you’ll find they don’t curl properly and don’t fit well. And these tweezers hold the eyelashes with very little force, causing them to fall off and damage them.

choose good lashes tweezer

Proluxurylashes is manufactured to strict production standards and with medical standard of titanium steel as raw material. Our tweezers come in different colors for you to choose from. You can also print your unique logo onto the tweezers to better promote yourself. High cost performance, good customer experience feedback. It can help you to wear eyelashes more perfectly.

Want the perfect eyelash tweezer? Want to choose good lashes tweezer? Welcome to contact me.

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